10 Powerful keys to unlock your life.

Key #1: You have to let go of what is past. Who wrongly defined you. Who put you in the cage. Time to run FREE in the wild!

Key #2: You have to surround yourself with other creatures of your LIKE AND people that will pull greatness & passion out of you!

Key #3: In order to survive you need a Mentor and a Role Model. Our relationships are our greatest assets.

Key #4: If you don’t let go of “it” whatever it is—it won’t let go of you.

Key #5: Look at your life and ask “what have I been given and what can I do with what I’ve been given?

Key #6: You are IT before you can become IT! Find the thing you were created to be so you can stop wasting time!

Key #7: Learn to see & LIVE on your level of gifting. You’re not created to function on a level beneath you.

Key #8: Shut your mouth sometime. And listen. Pay attention learn from the living of others.

Key #9: You have to speak back against the words of haters to keep their words from impregnating you w/ negativity!

Key #10: You have to bury your fear and expose your talent. You have to get out of your cage. And thrive in the wild!

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yo I’m reblogging this because it can seriously help folks out, definitely a list worth keeping.

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This has been my challenge this week.

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My friend has a saying that he uses frequently and it’s “respect the process.” I have heard him say it quite often and honesty I have not always really heard him. Another friend posted on Facebook about how we try so hard to control things that we don’t allow miracles to occur. The two comments came together and caused a perfect storm in my spirit. As the saying goes I was spiritually spanked and grateful for the experience. Did I mention that my scripture reading for today was the icing on the cake! Sometimes I let fear and uncertainty guide me and not the faith that I have built up be my support. I don’t know how things will work out but I am certain it is not my responsibility to know nor is it my job within reason to make it work out.

As we go through this life whether it’s family challenges, navigating a career change, making and losing friendships, we need to stand on our faith, that although may have been tattered and torn, trust it is strong enough to weather any challenge that we may face.

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Go Richmond City!

Thought for today.



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